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Nov 092014

Wow, so it’s been 2 whole months since I last posted!  This semester is totally kicking my butt.  I’m teaching two classes, which isn’t a ton, but they’re both a lot of work.  I feel like I’ve been grading and commenting on papers constantly.  But what’s really eating up all my time is searching for a job.  When you’re looking for a job as an English professor, you look at listings in the fall starting in September, then you apply to everything you possibly can in hopes of getting an interview at the major convention in my field, which happens in early January.  If you’re lucky enough to get one of those and it goes well, you’ll get invited to visit the school’s campus, where you’ll give a talk based off a chapter from your dissertation, meet with a bunch of professors, administrators, and possibly students, and maybe also do a teaching demonstration.  In my department, it’s traditional for people who are on the job market to do a practice version of the talk they would give at the much hoped-for campus visit.  Mine is next Friday.  So in addition to just applying to places (which took a ton of prep time getting all my materials together before the jobs were even listed), I’m preparing this talk.  I feel like I’ve never worked this much before in grad school, and I haven’t even had time to work on my dissertation.  I’m just constantly grading, reading, commenting, revising application letters, researching schools so I can tailor my application letters to be relevant to what they’re doing, etc, etc.

I haven’t had a ton of time for sewing, and I’ve also mostly been too exhausted to even want to sew.  I really wanted to make a winter coat this year, but that isn’t happening, so I went and bought one last week.  I had cut out a muslin of the Deer and Doe Pavot, which is what I wanted to use, but I had some problems right away, possibly because all my stress-eating has put me in a larger size, so I just abandoned it.  I made a skirt for a suit, though, and I’m working on the jacket for it right now in hopes of being able to wear it next Friday.  The jacket fits well so far, but I haven’t put the sleeves on it yet.  I’m a little nervous about how that will affect the fit at the shoulder/armhole because that’s usually a problem area for me with RTW jackets.

What I’m blogging about today, though, is two Deer and Doe Daturas.  I have two more, but I’m saving them for another post.  I started making these way back in the summer for the One Week One Pattern challenge, if you can believe that.  I didn’t get all four done in time, but I did take a bunch of photos with different looks just because I thought the idea was fun.  I’m kind of terrible at sewing for challenges or sewalongs.  When I feel like I’m forced to do something, I don’t want to do it anymore.  The minute I commit to doing some challenge, I all of a sudden get an urge to sew something totally different and then start to hate the challenge project.  I was a little fatigued with Daturas by the time I finished the fourth one, but I really needed some tops and I like the details on this pattern.  It’s a lot easier to make a pile of clothes when you’re using the same pattern!


That’s actually the second one I made, and it’s made of green linen I bought from Emma One Sock.  It’s a very nice linen – soft and drapey.  I have a RTW linen dress that’s kind of stiff and weird, so I was pleased with the quality of this linen.  I have this love/hate relationship with linen – I love how it feels and I love how it looks when it has a few classy wrinkles like you might see in a catalog.  I hate how it ends up looking on me after I’ve been sitting in my usual contorted positions all day.  For that reason, I haven’t bought a ton of linen, but I want to buy more blends.  This Belladone is made from a linen/cotton blend, and by some strange property of hybridity, it wrinkles less than either fabric would on its own.  Magic!

Linen is pretty ok to sew with, though this one was raveling like crazy.  It is not at all good for making bias tape, though, so that part was frustrating.  It kept sort of warping as I was pressing it, and I thought it was going to drive me crazy.  After I finished this top, I realized that it reminded me a little of Kermit the Frog because of the color and the triangles at the neckline.  That’s okay, though – I like Kermit!  In the photo above, I’m wearing it with one of my cheap maxi skirts I bought at Target after I fell while running this summer and got a huge gaping wound on my leg.  I think I might hack that one off to wear with tights during winter, but it all depends on my motivation to do anything after this practice job talk.  So, linen + maxi skirt = summery look.


This one is a fall look, obvs.  I really love pink and purple and green together, so that explains what’s going on here.  It might be kind of hard to tell that the cardigan is purple, but it is.  I know you all want to know where my pink polka dot scarf is from.  It’s from Target and it’s one of my most very favoritest scarves ever.  I have quite a few, but I seem to only ever wear this one and another one that will feature prominently in my next Datura post.  Remember how I mentioned in the Belladone post referenced above that I thought I couldn’t wear belts?  Well, for a long time I thought I couldn’t wear scarves.  My neck, like every other part of me, is really short, and I thought maybe only people with long, elegant necks should be wearing scarves.  But then I realized that people who want to wear scarves are the ones who should be wearing scarves.  And my life improved a lot because scarves are awesome.  Especially when they have pink polka dots.


Next up, the first Datura I made.  This one is made out of some quilting cotton from Rashida Coleman Hale’s Koi line that I actually bought to make a bag.  The accent fabric, which you might be able to tell has a strange sort of sheen, is also fabric I bought to make a bag, but not the same bag.  I had this brilliant idea for a line of bags made from wool felt with cutouts that exposed bright colors like this one underneath, and with thread sketching around the cutouts.  I still maintain that those would be awesome bags, and I still have the bolt of wool felt and yards of brightly colored fabric, but I no longer have any interest in employing myself as a bag factory worker.  I don’t know what I’ll do with the wool felt, but this turquoise-ish fabric went pretty well with the Koi fabric, so I was able to stashbust some of it.  I don’t really know what it is.  I thought it was cotton broadcloth from Joann’s, but it definitely has some poly content based on how it behaved and the sheen it has.


I had the brilliant idea to pair this split-back shirt with this skirt that has a lace accent.  But I soon realized it was too much party in the back.  I am not at all into the way the split in the shirt leads into the skirt accent.  But I thought you might enjoy seeing my wacky ensemble.  I did not make that skirt, though I have taken it almost completely apart and resewn it.  This skirt was handmade by this woman who used to sell skirts in a local boutique sort of place (the word boutique seems so silly to me, but I think that’s what they called themselves?).  These skirts were not cheap.  But this woman did not finish her seams beyond pinking them, and the seams shredded, so I had to fix it.  I also have a skirt from her with a beautiful appliqued accent that looks all wavy because it wasn’t properly interfaced.  And I had another one that had these circle cutouts appliqued, but they were just pinked and then sewn on with a straight stitch rather than zig-zagged at the edges, so they also shredded and started to fall off.  Good ideas, poor execution.  And high prices.  As soon as I learned how to sew, I stopped buying skirts from her.  I also did some surgery on this skirt when I lost some weight last year.  I like the lace feature, so I wanted to salvage it instead of donating it.  But I think we can all agree that it shouldn’t be worn with this top!

That’s it for today.  I hope to be back soon with my other two Daturas.  The pictures are taken and part of the post is drafted, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can finish it up.  When I do, you’ll see two new hair colors, and neither of them will even be the color my hair is right now.  Coloring hair is fun.  I’m off for now to continue working on this talk!





  4 Responses to “Two Deer and Doe Daturas”

  1. Hi Gina! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and as always admire your work.

  2. I love both of these tops! I am in exactly the same boat with the application process. It’s so hard to stay on top of everything this semester. I’m submitting apps this week while getting ready to leave for NWSA on Thursday. Then I have practice interviews when I get back, then practice job talks, then getting ready for MLA and interviews. It’s exhausting just to think about!

    Good luck with your practice job talk!

    • Thanks, and good luck to you too! It’s unbelievable how much work it is to be on the market! I’m having my tonsils out in December, so I’m really stressed about MLA in January. I hope I’m recovered enough to talk if I get interviews!

  3. […] when I thought I was going to make tons of bags.  It’s the same as the teal fabric on my first Datura.  As soon as I decided on this fabric, I knew I wanted to make the collar out of this awesome […]

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