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Jun 282014

Hello, dear readers.  It appears I haven’t abandoned you for quite as long as I have previously, so huzzah!  What I’m about to show you has been finished for a while, and the photos were taken and edited a while ago as well.  I had every intention of posting sooner, but right after I published my last post, I headed to Kentucky to spend a week scoring Advanced Placement exams.  It was my third year doing it, and while it’s never fun to read 300 AP exams per day 7 days in a row, this year was probably better than the last two because they made us work fewer hours.  There are three questions on the exam, and every year the topic for the each of the essays is different.  This year, the question I scored asked students to analyze a letter Abigail Adams wrote to John Quincy Adams, who, if you took US History classes and can recall them, you will remember is her son and the fourth president of the US.  Let’s just say that if I never hear about the Adams family again it will be too soon.

Anyway, I had grand plans for drafting blog posts while I was there and doing a bunch of other stuff too.  Not only did I not do it, but I also sat around like a zombie for a week after returning because my brain was so fried from reading all those essays.  The only thing I did manage to do was get to the Zappos outlet in Sheperdsville, KY, which was about a half hour from where I was staying in Louisville.  It was awesome – everything is at least half off the retail price!  I got one pair of shoes that have been on my Zappos wishlist for a long time, a random pair of sandals that were super cheap, and another pair that are super comfy and cute.  You’ll see them soon because I’m planning a dress to go with them. They’re blue, and I asked the friend who went with me whether I should get them because I woudln’t know what to wear with blue heels.  She was like, “Are you serious?  Just sew something to go with them!”  So that’s what I’m doing!  I even had some fabric in my stash already that will work.

What I’m writing about today is a Deer and Doe Sureau made sleeveless for summer out of Cloud 9’s Palos Verdes organic cotton voile.  I had been seeing it floating around the blogosphere (both garmentosphere and quiltosphere!) for a while and loved all of the prints, but couldn’t decide which one to get.  I ended up getting “Abalone Cove,” but in looking up the name to be able to tell you, I question whether I should have gotten “Lunada Bay.”  I just joined Sally’s Summer Stashbust, though, so that ship has definitely sailed for this summer!  I’m not usually one to swear things off (see my thoughts on continuing to buy RTW in my last post), but I’m running out of space to store fabrics, and I’m also finding that I have several beautiful silks that I’m too nervous to sew with.  I need some motivation to quit buying more fabric that I can’t store in one of my three spots designated for doing so, and I definitely need motivation to sew what I have.

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE Deer and Doe patterns (though I just had a bad time with the latest, Centauree, but more on that in a future post), and I especially love the Sureau I made last fall in corduroy.  Ever since I made that one, I’ve wanted to make a sleeveless version for summer.


I don’t have a ton to say about this dress, actually, because everything was the same – it was a pleasure to sew and fits beautifully, just like the last time!  When I made my version last fall, I made the shoulders a bit narrower.  They turned out to be the perfect width for a sleeveless dress, which was one of the things I was nervous about in attempting a sleeveless version.


The voile was also a pleasure to work with.  It’s nice and lightweight, but since it’s cotton it’s not difficult to sew.  I lined the dress in bemberg rayon, but after wearing it in the heat, I wonder if it would have been better lined in something like cotton batiste, which would be more breathable and less sticky in the humidity.  I think I might switch to using cotton linings for summer dresses and using rayon for fall/winter dresses only.  This would mean that when I wear my summer dresses in winter with cardigans I’d have to wear a slip because cotton would probably stick to my hose, but whatever.  Being too hot in the summer is the worst!


One thing I did change was to leave off the zipper.  I never use the side zip in my corduroy Sureau because the dress is loose enough to just slip over my head.  Because I was lining this dress, putting in a zipper would be even more annoying than usual, so I just omitted it, and it’s been fine.


I don’t remember what I bought these buttons for, but they match the fabric pretty well.  They’re shell, and while they’re a little browner than I would have preferred, I didn’t want to buy new buttons when these worked well enough.

I have one other new dress to show you, then I really need to get cracking because I don’t even have a new project cut out yet!  The dress I’m making to go with my blue shoes is what I’ll make next, and it will be a Cambie made with bluish grey eyelet.  MOAR EYELET!  Right now I’m also working on a new ironing board cover.  I may have mentioned that my apartment is very small one or a million times.  Well, my ironing board is usually folded up and put away because I have no permanent spot for it, and when I do set it up, it goes in the kitchen, with the unfortunate side effect of us using it as additional kitchen counter space when it’s set up.  You can see where this is headed.  I spilled juice on my ironing board and now whenever I iron things, I have to put a towel down over the cover unless I want whatever I’m ironing to smell like rotten juice.  I’d been wanting to make a new cover because the one that came with the board was never padded enough for my liking, so this just gives me the motivation to finally do it.

So I hope to be back soon with new dresses and a new ironing board cover!  And I hope to finish my Miette that I’m knitting sometime soon, too.  I’ve been seeing so many awesome sweaters I want to knit up after I’m done, but I absolutely refuse to have more than one knitting project going at a time, nor will I buy yarn unless I’m actually going to start knitting with it that day.  The shop I frequent gives a discount on new yarn when you bring in a completed item made from materials from their shop, so that’s a good motivator to not buy yarn before I’m ready to start knitting with it.

  8 Responses to “Deer and Doe Summer Sureau”

  1. I really like this print – it’s so serene. I think you chose the right one! And a Zappos outlet?!?! I did not know that existed! Uh-oh!!

    • The Zappos outlet is a very dangerous place! Fortunately there’s only one and it’s about 5 hours away outside of Louisville, KY, so I can’t do too much damage to my wallet. If you want to see what sorts of things they have, you can check out Zappos’ outlet site, which is 6pm.com. The deals aren’t as amazing as the physical outlet store, plus you don’t get free return shipping like you do with the regular Zappos site, but there are deals to be had.

  2. What a lovely summer frock you created, Gina. And you lined it! I don’t believe I’ve ever lined anything, well maybe a coat. I like wearing slips, or bloomers, or pantaloons, stuff like that. Linings just seem too complicated. I love summer dresses, don’t you? They feel so good on. And shoes! That’ll perk you right up. I’ve been hooked on buying them from ebay, of all things. But I almost always get really good deals on shoes that are really cool and fit very well, so…what’s not to like. In fact, my latest pair were blue. great minds, etc. I don’t know any of the patterns you refer to or even the fabric places. But I really try not to buy any and just use what I already have including my old clothes. That right there is enough for a lifetime or two. And you know how to knit too?! I haven’t even gone there. There’s only so much time and I just love sewing!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Project Minima.

    • Pat, I started lining things because I had such bad experiences with store-bought slips twisting around under my clothes and driving me batty. But I’m starting to think that they were probably just cut off grain and cheaply made. I want to try to make some nice slips – a full one and a two-piece one – and see how wearing them goes.

      I love love love shoes, but my feet are all kinds of messed up and it’s hard to find comfy shoes that are also stylish. I really got lucky at the outlet!

      I have way too much fabric – after I wrote this I collected up random yards of fabric here and there around my apartment and filled a whole third bin! And here I was feeling so wasteful with two unused bins of fabric. I could stop buying fabric today and take years to sew up what I have, and yet I’m finding this Summer Stashbust so difficult to participate in!

      We shall see how good of a knitter I turn out to be. I am the s l o w e s t knitter ever, and when I tried on my partially finished sweater yesterday it looked quite misshapen. It hasn’t been blocked yet, so I’m hoping this is just how knits look at this stage, but I’m beginning to get concerned!

  3. Seven days straight of grading essays? I can’t even imagine what that must be like. Yikes.
    Your dress is beautiful and looks so summery. And EYELET! You said the magic word. I absolutely love eyelet and can’t wait to see your finished Cambie.

    • Grading for seven days is the worst! But I can’t beat the pay, so I return every year. I’m excited to get started on my eyelet Cambie – I had some house projects to do over the past couple of weeks, but now it’s time to get back to my favorite- dresses!

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