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Jul 082014

Friends, I am so excited because in about  half an hour, I’m going to get my hair dyed!  I’ve wanted to dye my hair for forever, but it’s so dark that I’d have to strip color from it first, and I’ve never felt like I wanted to do the maintenance for all that.  But I’m getting to be an old lady and I have quite a few grey hairs now.  Grey hair is awesome and I can’t wait until all of my hair is grey, but for now, the hairs are so few but so noticeable that I’m not really loving the look on me.  I figured since I was going to start dyeing my hair anyway, I might as well take some color out and dye it a color, which is way more fun than just dyeing brown over brown.

The dress I have today is from quite a while ago – I made it before my Summer Sureau and my Simplicity 2648 Belladone mashup .  It’s based on Kwik Sew 3758, but it’s really only the concept at this point, because I took a TON of volume out of the gathered skirt and used my v-neck Renfrew pattern for the top.  So I didn’t even get out the Kwik Sew pattern for this one, but I did get the idea from them!


The top is some kind of doubleknit from Vogue.  Vogue sells these beefy doubleknits I really like called Sophia from Logantex (the same people who make Ambiance bemberg lining, also a fave).  Vogue advertised the doubleknit line above as a cheaper alternative to the Sophia knits.  I think the Sophias are like $13 a yard, and this one was around $5.  It was a great deal and it’s very similar to the Sophia knits, but it’s not quite as beefy.  I decided to be a super cheapskate when I bought it only got a half yard because I knew that would be enough to make this top, plus I didn’t want a ton of leftover.  It turned out that Vogue cut my half yard WAY off grain, so I ended up not having enough to do binding around the armholes – I just barely eked out what I have here from the wonky half yard they gave me.  I ended up just folding the armhole under, which resulted in it being kind of wavy.  It sort of irritates me, but I don’t really want to go back and buy a micro piece of this fabric just to be able to make bindings.  I’m also having some gappage around the armholes that make me think any more tinkering with this wouldn’t be worth it.  I often have wrinkling around the armholes in knits, I think because my upper bust measurement is so different from my full bust measurement.  The next time I make a knit top, I’m going to use Devon’s tutorial for fixing armhole gape.  It looks like it will work well.


So the other thing about this dress that’s bugging me is that I made this obi style belt thing for it, and I think it looks better without it!  Above is the dress with the belt, and the first picture was without.  Now, as we know, I’ve had a moment of clarity regarding belts and decided we were friends.  Maybe not so with obi belts?


Side view without belt.


Side view with belt.  I feel like it emphasizes those weird wrinkles around the bust.


Back without belt.  Looks okay . . .


Back view with belt?  The less we say about that, the better.


If I scrunch up kinda funny, it looks a little better, but still no.

If I wear this with a cardigan, the belt looks okay, so I guess I’m not totally irritated that I spent time making it.  Anyway, it was a simple and straightforward make – Renfrew v-neck cut off at the waist with two gathered rectangles attached.  The gathered rectangles are made from quilting cotton, which I seem to keep buying because I fall for the patterns, but never want to sew because the drape is never what I’m looking for.  But it’s perfect for something like this, so I may have a ton more of this kind of dress in my future!   The specific quilting cotton is Secret Garden Bamboo Pebble in lilac from Nel Whatmore.  I like it, but the colors looked more saturated online when I bought it, and I wish I had the fabric I saw on my computer screen rather than this.

Anyway,  I gotta run so I can get my hair dyed!  See you soon with fun hair color!


  6 Responses to “Kwik Sew 3758”

  1. 1) That pink is such a good color on you. I agree about the belt, though it has its moments.
    2) I am in the same hair situation—dark brown hair, enough grays for me to notice, but not enough to let mane go completely gray—and have been considering dyeing forever. I’m going to be reading your next reveal from the eyebrows up.
    3) How did you find Zadie Smith’s NW? I abandoned it, as is my new reader policy if I’m just not feeling something, but I think I might make a return to it.

    • 1. Right? I like that the fabric pattern on the belt runs perpendicular to the skirt, and it’s not horrible from the front, but from the back it’s the most unflattering thing I’ve seen on my body. And I had no idea until I took those photos! But thanks about the pink! I do love a good saturated color!

      2. Are you on Instagram? I’ve posted two pictures ever, but one of them is of my new purple hair. There’s a link to my Instagram in my sidebar, and I think you can see the pictures even if you’re not signed up, but I’m an Instagram neophyte.

      3. How far did you get in NW? I hated the first section – I found Leah’s character both annoying and boring. It gets better after that first section, but I wouldn’t say that it’s so wonderful that you should persist in reading it if it’s not doing anything for you. I try to have the same policy because my reading time is so limited, but some friends had read it and wanted to discuss it, plus I loved White Teeth so much that I really wanted to believe it would get better.

  2. That color is amazing on you and the neckline is perfect. I wish I could sew like that. The one dress I made was a complete disaster with the neckline not matching up right. But, I am really liking the two fabrics. I think I will have to cut up my old dress and put the funky top with a solid skirt and the skirt with a solid top. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • The first few garments I made are (or were, they’ve since been donated) hot messes. It takes some practice, and I actually make a practice garment of every new pattern before I make it to make sure the fit is right and to make sure I understand how the pattern is constructed. Some people jump right into making the garment, but I always always make a muslin for new patterns. When I first started sewing garments, I thought that was crazy, but I learned the hard way that I can’t skip that step.

  3. I do love some good Renfrew mashups, and this is definitely one of the! And what a great color.

    Actually, I think you were the one who introduced me to the Sophia knits at a meetup. I really like them and will have to track down this lighter version once my fabric diet is over 🙂

    • Thanks! I need to get going with some more Renfrew mashups once I correct that issue I’m having with armhole gape. It’s such a great pattern!

      That doesn’t surprise me at all – every time I go to Vogue I pick up some more of the Sophia knits. These lighter weight ones are good substitutes. When I found them they were in the big room that has remnants in the back, but they were more towards the front.

      Are you participating in Sally’s Stashbust, or are you just doing a fabric diet on your own? I’m finding this stashbust really difficult, which means I must really need it. I re-organized my fabric the other day and while I joined the Stashbust to avoid dedicating a fourth space in my apartment to fabric, I located enough stragglers around the place to fill up an entire fourth plastic tub! I really need to get busting on that stash, though, because if I don’t sew enough things this summer, I’ll just start accumulating more fabric in the fall that doesn’t fit in any of my spots. Good luck with your fabric diet!

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